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Birthdate:Sep 9
Counsellor, sound designer, and ex-sound engineer.

Michael works as a Youth Worker with Aboriginal youth who have been excluded from the education system. He is currently involved in post-graduate Psychology studies. He also has a small Counselling private practice.

Before commencing his career in mental health he was a sound engineer for TV station Channel 9 where he worked in Post-Production.

He has been a professional sound designer and sonic artist for 12 years and in 2006 he was nominated for a Helpmann Award for his original sound design and music composition work on the contemporary dance production PreTender. He has produced many original sound designs and compositions and they have featured in shows performed at the Perth International Arts Festival, ArtRage, the WA Fringe, and with many independent contemporary dance productions that have toured nationally.

In 2003 he directed and wrote the 1 hr TV documentary film "Just a Game" for national broadcaster Channel 9. The documentary was filmed in the US, Australia, and the UK, and went on to be successfully sold internationally by the ABC.

He enjoys working on, and racing, turbo charged Japanese sports cars. (I <3 my Nissan Skyline)

He likes fine wine, exceptional food, civilized behaviour, and having a good party. He is a Fan of things geeky - SF, Order of the Stick, WoW, Star Wars, DnD, Cult TV Comedy, board gaming, and consims.

Michael finds joy in Ska music, particularly tunes from the traditional Jamacian 60's era, Skinhead reggae, and the English 2-tone era. He also enjoys many third wave Ska bands, especially The Toasters.

His other musical interests include prog rock from the 1970's, 80's electro, 50's era be bop jazz, space rock, and psytrance.

He has played Bass in many Perth based rock bands over the past 17 years; he has programmed industrial music for The Red Consensus art collective, Heratech and BioMekanik; and he has DJ'd psytrance and progressive trance styles at Signal To Noise. Michael looks back on those days with a combination of fond memories and crushing embarrassment.

He no longer has rather long, 100% natural, dreadlocks.
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