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2009-09-24 11:54 am

Taken off the road.

Due to the brain tumor and the chemotherapy I have to inform the Department of Planning and Infrastructure of my condition because my drivers license is to be suspended because of risk of seizure. This is a sensible precaution but it cuts deep.

I have been trained in race driving and advanced driving and have always prided myself on my safe driving. As those who have driven down south with me will attest - I think both Shay and Grant were expecting much more hooning, but I am an excellent, and safe, driver.

I have gone drag racing on approved tracks, and been a part of a short course MC Motorsport team for Skyline Australia WA. Driving my Skyline is something that gives me great pleasure. It is very sensible that I don't drive until this thing has passed.
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2009-07-24 08:40 pm

Female Appreciation Month Day 11

Supporting [livejournal.com profile] girliejones' brilliant female appreciation music play-lists I present some more from my catalog. Here is my first list, way back at the beginning

Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde. I have been a fan for quite some time.

Babes in Toyland. I spent some time with this band drinking whiskey, a great group of people and a great live show when they toured here.

L7, they just ROCK!!!

The Donnas! Yet more glorious ROCK!!! Can you dig it?

The Yeastie Girls with Consolidated. A big dance hit at the clubs in the early 90's, especially with all us anarcho peace punk types. No video, just the tune with pics. (WARNING: Lyrics NSFW).

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2008-04-11 09:05 am
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